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Unfortunately, animals are often an impulse buy. At first glance, an animal might seem really cool and that you "must have it." The problem with buying an animal on a whim is not a lot of thought was put into whether or not the animal is the best fit for your family or you are the best thing for that animal. Great care and consideration should be taken when finding the pet that fits in with your family's lifestyle and personality. Please educate yourself on any animal that you are considering making a part of your family.

Tracy at Amazing Animal World has rescued many animals over her lifetime. Animals that come to live with Tracy are well taken care of and are offered a second chance. The children can really relate to the animals when they are not just "animals." They are "animals with stories" and the children can connect with them on a deeper level. The kids start asking themselves, "What can I do to help?"

Many animals are great teachers themselves! We are always looking for animals that would benefit from what we do here at Amazing Animal World which is to help educate children of all ages about animals from all around the globe. If you know of animal or you have habitat equipment such as lighting, enclosures, food and water dishes, bedding, rocks, logs, etc. that you would like to donate to Amazing Animal World, we would be grateful for your help. Unfortunately, we cannot take in all animals. If the animal isn't a proper fit for our educational programs, we would be happy to try to refer you to someone that can help. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for considering us in regards to your donations.

Amazing Animal World's Wish List


  • Water Dishes
  • Food Dishes
  • Hiding Logs and Rocks
  • Lighting
  • Enclosures (any size, preferably with lids)



  • Crested Gecko
  • Tarantula
  • Walking Sticks (Australian)
  • Millipedes (prefer Giant African Millipedes)
  • Frogs


What to consider when deciding whether or not to bring a new animal home:

Have I researched this animal to make sure that it's the right animal for me?

Consulting the internet or purchasing a book about the animal is a great idea when you are thinking about taking a new critter home with you.

How long is this animal going to live?

Turtles are adorable but some are going to live 100 years old! You are supposed to care for an animal for its lifetime. It is pretty difficult to do that when the animal will outlive you. If you child is asking for an animal that is going to live 20 years but she is going off to college in four years, maybe an animal with a shorter lifespan might be more suitable.

What does this animal eat?

Many animals eat LIVE food. Are you willing to feed live food to your animal? Also, there are many foods that can be fatal to certain animals. Be sure to research what foods are best suited for your particular critter.

What kind of habitat does my animal need?

Proper lighting, heating and substrate is essential to the well being of any animal. Make sure you ask a professional and/or consult the internet about the specific animal that you are interested in making a part of your family.

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